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Interior Renovations

Interior Renovations are the keynote every rebuilding project. Q Builders LLC has been delivering high quality interior renovation projects for many years.

When it comes to interior renovations, clients look for quality and this is where we excel. We initiate interior renovation projects with the objective to transform a house into your home. Call us today at 860-982-9258

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Wood Flooring Install


Every guest checks the floor right after entering your home. Would you like to impress them with your excellent choice of tiles or wood flooring? We provide expert installation of wood floors, carpets, tiles, etc. based on the specific requirements of every client.

Flooring is the part of the house many homeowners ignore, but it is the first step towards a beautiful home. Your friends and family will marvel at the beauty of your new flooring surfaces. Call Q Builders today at 860-982-9258

Carpentry Custom Work


Q Builder LLC team employs experienced and highly skilled carpenters for our carpentry needs. Our professional team works hard to bring a smile to the face of our clients, no matter if the work is small such as replacing a single cabinet or as large as creating home entertainment centers. Allow us to take charge of the carpentry you require and we assure your neighbors will be jealous of your living room. Call today at 860-982-9258


Basement Waterproofing

We specialize in finishing basements using various mold resistant materials and special insulation to prevent water leakage problems in the future. High quality products are used in order to maintain the integrity of your basement years after we’ve completed our work. Our insulation specialists even make sure to improve the home energy efficiency resulting in lower energy bills. Want it done right? Call Q Builders today at 860-982-9258